I will welcome our small group in Sanremo and in we will arrive to my apartment where we will have our interactive cooking class. We will enter in the kitchen and I will introduce you the program and the grandma traditional receipts that we will cook together:  everybody will have his own apron and I will teach you how to cook the following dishes: tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi all  rigorously handmade.

During the preparation everybody will have his own space and ingredients to put in practice what I’ll teach, meanwhile I will be glad to share with you the origin of different preparation, with some historical link and show you some tricks how to make a dish a real artwork so that you can be a real Italian chef when you will invite your friends at home next time!

During the class you will learn also Italian names for different ingredients and in a while you will became a PASTA expert. Ready for your special dinner?

We will move to the terrace and we will share PASTA receipts just cooked during the class and we’ll finish our convivial dinner with a real Italian coffee and some more legend and local tips.


We will have the class in my kitchen, equipped with all the necessary tools to let everybody enjoy and appreciate the art of cooking. We will have dinner on the terrace under a patio, with a stunning sea view both in sunny or rainy days.

Something else

If you partecipate in group, according to your special needs, we can tailor-made the cooking class for special occasion (birthday, anniversary etc), we are able also to arrange the experience at lunch time. If in the group there are kids we can arrange a special table for them!

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