Relax on board!

Our team based in Sanremo Portosole has decades of experience in yacht rental and in organizing cruises in the Mediterranean, especially in the Ligurian Sea, the French Riviera and the archipelago of the Tuscan islands, Corsica, Sardinia and much more.
A cruise holiday is: experiencing the sea in total relaxation, immersing yourself in nature, swimming offshore, sleeping on the waves, savoring fresh fish when and how you want.

Where we will take you?

  • daily cruise in the Ligurian Sea and the French Riviera (between Imperia and Cannes).
  • weekend cruise in the area from Cinque Terre and Portofino to Cannes and Saint Tropez.
  • weekly cruise to Corsica, Sardinia, Capraia, Elba and more.

we can design long cruises (more than 1 week) according to guests’ requests

How soon can we reach the points of interest starting from Sanremo?